Living with diabetes

Managing your blood sugar: three things to remember

Keep your blood sugar levels in the target range. It’s important to know whether your levels are high or low, and to understand how diet, exercise and taking medication affect these levels.

Discuss how often you should measure your blood sugar levels with your doctor. This can help your diabetes healthcare team make informed decisions about whether your medications, diet or activity levels need to be adjusted.

Know that uncontrolled blood sugar levels are a red flag. Controlling your blood sugar alone may not be enough. But there are medications that – along with diet and exercise – have been proven to lower the risk of dying from problems related to your heart and blood vessels.

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Talk to your doctor about possible medication options

Feel confident you're getting the most out of your next doctor's appointment by preparing ahead of time. Use this guide as a cheat sheet to help organize your thoughts and questions.

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Diet and exercise

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference when it comes to your diabetes care and heart health.

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Heart healthy foods

Introducing heart healthy foods, like leafy greens and whole grains, into your diet is an important part of managing your diabetes and reducing your risk of heart disease.

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Mental health

One in three people diagnosed with diabetes will also experience depression.

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Getting support

A type 2 diagnosis may seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone.

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