Diabetes and Heart Health
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Talk to your doctor about possible medication options

Feel confident you're getting the most out of your next doctor's appointment by preparing ahead of time. Use this guide as a cheat sheet to help organize your thoughts and questions.

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Heart disease

According to Diabetes Canada, people with diabetes are up to 3x more likely to end up in hospital due to heart disease. But the sooner you understand your risk, the sooner you can do something to reduce it.

Learn about heart disease
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What are your risk factors?

Controlling your blood sugar may not be enough, but there is more you can do.

Reduce your risk
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Talk to your doctor

Make sure you’re prepared for your next trip to the doctor’s office. See what questions to ask your doctor.

Questions for your doctor
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Self-management in type 2 diabetes and heart health

Type 2 diabetes can have an impact on many aspects of your health – particularly your heart. Our Self-assessment Wheel can help you identify some of the main things you can do as part of your self-management plan.

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