Spaghetti and fresh tomatoes
Spaghetti and fresh tomatoes

Meal Planning

Healthy eating is not always easy. That’s why meal planning is important.

Staying on
(Healthy Eating) Track

It may seem like the world is trying to sabotage your healthy eating intentions. From restaurant bites to celebratory feasts, you feel constantly torn between indulgent eating and restrictive eating – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

This section is focused on finding the right balance between healthy eating and living your best life – dining out, celebrating holidays, travelling and so on. It’s about simple strategies to keep you on track, while you continue to savour life’s greatest joys.

And it all starts with portion control.

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Hands holding blueberries Hands holding blueberries

Portion Control

When it comes to food,
portion size matters.

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Bowl of udon Bowl of udon

Cultural Cuisine

Healthy eating does not mean compromising culture.

Explore Diverse Dishes
Someone eating a salad Someone eating a salad

Dining Out with
Type 2 Diabetes

With healthy habits, dining out at your favourite eateries is possible.

Be Restaurant Ready